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A Present from the Past

What’s better than receiving gifts?

Giving them, of course!

It’s true that most prefer to receive than to give something (especially in monetary amounts, am I right?), but still nothing compares to the joy of giving and seeing the heartwarming sparkle and grateful smiles of those we love.

A quote from Saint Francis of Assisi:

For it is in giving that we receive.

In fact, we receive greater than what we actually give. We receive the happiness of being able to share and cause happiness to others as well, and that alone is a far greater gift in return.

Whether handcrafted or store-bought, what really matters is our heart that goes with it.

As Mother Teresa had said:

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Gifts that warm the hearts are the best kinds. Reminisce childhood memories, or rekindle romance by bringing back the feeling as if it were the first time.

Here are some classic and old school ideas on what to give your loved ones on that special day (to accompany your love):

Love Letters and Cards

These never go out of style!

These shouldn’t even be on the list anymore since it’s a pretty obvious idea, but it seems we are forgetting that WE. CAN. JUST. ACTUALLY. DO. THAT. Anyone loves reading love letters especially those written with so much love and passion. Handwritten love letters and notes still beat public relationship posts on any social media, in my opinion.

To give it a twist, you may want to write “Open-When” letters so your loved ones have something to get excited about.

Let’s also try to embrace the idea of giving love letters and notes to anyone, not just our significant other. Just a small note to brighten up someone’s day. Start with: Smile. 😊

When was the last time you wrote a letter or card for your parents?

Origami Cranes

These cranes are more than 400 years old.

There’s no greater gift that shouts E-F-F-O-R-T than a thousand hanging origami cranes on your ceiling diligently folded one by one all throughout the year. Actually, you can buy these in Japan. It’s called a Senbazuru. But then, what’s the point, right?

But okay, you don’t have to do a thousand (save trees). It’s not “how much” after all.

I have tried doing this myself, but not a thousand. And not cranes. Haha. I improvised on this idea and called it The Secret Lotus (and between me and you, it made my boyfriend all teary-eyed).

Your Story Book

Because there’s no better love story than your love story.

So why not make a book about it? Make a picture book of your sweetest and most special memories, even screenshots of your favorite chat conversations. It’s a nice and cozy feeling to reminisce all you’ve been through all these years (or months? It doesn’t matter). “Remember when…

Mixed Spo-TAPE-fy

I’m a genius with these puns.

Well, Spotify isn’t really from the “old-school” club but it’s the thought that counts, right? Haha. As the (well-thought) name suggests, it’s a revival of the classic mixed tapes through Spotify playlists.

Make a playlist of all the songs you both love to listen to and share it with them. Include that song in your car on your late night drives, or that theme song from your first movie date, your first kiss, or from your favorite tv show. Be random, yet sweet.

Giving a gift doesn’t always mean shopping for the latest trends. Sometimes, it just needs a little heART.

Do you have your own heART-y ideas? Share with us in the comments!

Chase happiness.


In pursuit of happiness

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